Sunday, August 21, 2011

Biffy Clyro

click here for link. (Links will now take you to itunes,).

The song in the link that i really want you all to listen to is called "Many of Honor". A friend of mine showed it to me and I instantly fell in love with it.  The lyrics in this song are outstanding and deep. "When we collide we come together". wow. I wanted to post this 3 days ago but i couldnt muster up the motivation to type out the words. Finally, i gave the song another listen and decided it could'nt wait. I really hope you like this song as much as i do.

Untill next time (which will be next weekend).

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Reviving the Blog.

This week's song is actually kind of popular, ranking #2 on the iTunes music charts. I really love it though.

Pumped Up Kicks

So, the song is called Pumped Up Kicks and it's by Foster The People. I really like it because it's not like what's usually on the top of iTunes' charts. It's got a really summer-y style to it but when you take a listen to the lyrics, you'll notice how..split.. the song is. I say split because if you dont listen to the words, you'd think that it's a happy little summer song when in reality, it's about somebody killing a bunch of people.

I enjoy the song mainly because of how damn catchy it is. I hope you find some reason to love it too.

Untill next time.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chester See

Yes, yes, if you're reading this than you know that ITS BEEN A WHILE.

anway, Here's your link.

Chester See's voice is brilliant. The scratchy-ness of it is totally unique. Usually you might find a voice like this on a girl (like Adele for example), but Chester really makes it work. I bought this song on itunes for myself because of how much I enjoy it. I have yet to find someone with a voice that matches the magnitude of Chester See's.

Check him out, give him support.
Until next time!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I bet you weren't expecting this.

its kinda short, i know.

dont hate me for techno-ish. im not an expert on electronic music so im not sure what to call False Direction. This guy's music is amazing and her certainly deserves more credit than he gets.

so, check him out and show your friends.

Untill next time.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Postal Service

S l e e p i n g i n

Man its been a while.

This song has got an upbeat rhythm to it. The only problem i hear is that its too repetative.

So not very long. in a hurry again

more readers = better reveiws.

untill next time.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Toby Lightman

poke me. I dare you.

My nose is stuffy and its uncomfortable to be on my laptop so this will be short and sweet.

I chose this song because I can personally relate to it right now. Also it's not often that i find a good female singer (not sexest. i am a female.) because my taste is normally inside the alternative/rock genres. Not many good female artists there.

sorry its so short today.

Until Next Time

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Glass Pear


This song is another one of the most pure i have heard in a while. It is beautiful and simple which are only two reasons why im in love with it.

Recently ive been kind of down in the dumps so the music i find for who ever reads this is going to be a bit depressing until things start looking better.

Either way, songs will keep coming

Until Next time (When hopefully ill be in a brighter mood...)