Friday, February 4, 2011

a FANTASTIC new blog.

It would be the right thing to welcome you to this brand spankin' new blog  with open arms. Unfortunatly, I am not well know for necessarily doing the "right" thing. Instead, I will attempt to get you do the smart thing and get you to click that little follow button.

I guess in order for you to be willing to click that button, you might need to know what exactly goes on here.

Let me start by pointing out that "artists" such as Justin Beiber and Ke$ha are not musicians. They are voices that are put through machines.

So here, I plan to remind you guys what music is. Renewing names like "Bowling for Soup" and "Fall Out Boy". And of course, the new undescovered bands such as "Hydrosonic" (Check them out ).

So thats all for my first post. Things will start falling into a similar pattern once things get going. Until then, follow me, tweet me, and like me :D

until next time!

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